Grow Your Real Estate Business Using The

Investor Acquisition Formula™

 We work with Investment Buyers Agencies, Real Estate coaches & Airbnb mentors to attract  & nurture quality leads in their pipeline.

 7 figure real estate businesses aren’t depending on just word of mouth and just SEO to get clients consistently. 

They’re using various strategies in the Investors Acquisition Formula to keep their sales pipeline full and their sales teams busy.

The Investor Acquisition Formula


High Converting Funnels

Landing pages. High ticket call booking funnels. Low ticket course funnels. The goal is to bridge the gap from cold lead to happy customer that keeps on buying from you!

Strong Paid Advertising

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin & TikTok are where your clients hang out. That’s where we’re going to run killer ads to get them into your email list & your ultimately, your world.  


Spear Sales Emails

Spear emails that hook the hearts & minds of your prospects.  These are emails that fish out the most interested prospects that are hidden in your list. Here’s a sample of our work

Irresistible Drip Sequences

Not all the prospects on your list are ready to buy. That’s why we transform your social media posts into killer drip sequences to position YOU as the authority in their minds.

💎 Real Results

We’ve invested countless hours in a robust paid advertising system that’s been battle-tested around the country.

And its all yours.

Okay that sounds cool…

But who’s behind this “Investor Acquisition Formula” ??

Well, that’s me – AJ!

Together with a small team, I help growth minded real estate businesses get investors in their funnel and convert at scale.

With a strong background in copywriting and paid ads, we know how investors feel and think. Investors in the USA, Australia and even in Asia have different pain points and are in different economic environments.

That’s where we come in – we’ve helped real estate coaching businesses and investment buyers agencies fill their calendly with booked calls. All from their lead magnets and current coaching offers.

Success Stories

AJ is a delight  to work with – he helped us with two six figure product launches over our time together. I loved his marketing and copy feedback throughout the launch and his oversight with various social media strategies. He even took the initiative to champion the company’s youtube content marketing, leading to the first viral Youtube success in the business (930k+ views)

Ian C.

AJ – I appreciate how consistent you are on delivering on everything we talk about and really being on top of everything. There’s likely hundreds of thousands of people(maybe more) who wouldn’t have come across our work or who would’ve gone cold if it wasn’t for all the stuff you’re doing. 

Michael S.

AJ has a deep understanding of marketing funnels…he can “see shit” other people can’t and marks out your blind spots in a heartbeat!

Omar H.

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