Michael Simmons

Michael is a thought leader and serial entrepreneur based in the US. He frequently writes blockbuster articles on Medium and LinkedIn with over 1 million views.

Since 2016, he has been the co-founder of the #1 learning courses Learning Ritual & Mental Model Club. He also runs a yearly thought leadership course that teaches thought leaders how to break through the noise of the internet and create blockbuster articles to build a strong following online.

Joel North

Joel is the founder of East Coast Studio, a top rated podcast editing business based in Canada. Hailing from the most prestigious audio engineering school in the north, Joel helps time-strapped entrepreneurs from all over the world streamline their podcasting needs. 

Aside from running East Coast Studio, Joel runs Podcast Propeller, offering personalized coaching to entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their podcast following.

Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan, also known as David DeAngelo, is an American author and entrepreneur who has founded several successful online companies since early 2000. His first ebook, Double Your Dating, turned into a $20 million dollar a year virtual business employing 75 people around the world.

Since then, Eben has created a multitude of high ticket courses via Eben Pagan Training that are focused on self help, business and personal finance.

Greg Santos

Greg is the founder of Morning Hustlers, a business dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs and professionals around the world build rock solid relationships with 7-9 figure entrepreneurs in their niche.

He hosts a daily 5AM PST online call with his global community every morning. Additionally, he is a regular host of the Outlier Circle and CEO LIFE podcasts.


Omar Hassam

Omar Hassam has been an Executive and Leadership Coach for 17 years. He launched his first 6-figure company online at 12 and helped grow his family’s business to 7-figures at 19. He has been recognized by Yahoo Finance as one of the Top 10 entrepreneurs to make an impact in 2020.

He is leading a movement to support Executive and Leadership Coaches to transform themselves into trusted experts online through Influencer School.